Pasteur pipette also called pap pipe, fluid pipe, often use transparent polymer polyethylene (PE), etc.Divided into gamma ray sterilization and disinfection two pap straws.They have different volume and length,Its characteristic is a hollow capsule on the tube body, can facilitate mixed solvent reagents and cell body, etc.Translucent tube body, bright white, wall liquid ideal, easy to control;Can be used for the liquid nitrogen environment;Play fine soft, flexible, convenient access to trace or special container;Small suction can assure the repeatability of drop volume;Fluid pipe can be heat sealing, convenient to carry.Main application cell experiment, clinical trials, cloning, etc. The drawing of a small amount of liquid, transfer or carry operation, etc.Widely used in genetic, medicine, epidemic prevention, clinical, genetic, biochemical, petrochemical, military and other fields, belong to the lab consumable disposable products.