I-MR5 PPP Plasma gel maker machine


What is PPP autologous collagen transplantation?

PPP autologous collagen transplantation is extract plasma from litigant’s blood, and then made plasma liquid to gel , then inject into body.



1. Fill all kinds of wrinkles

2. Sculpture body

3. Fill the scar

4. Solve the check depression

5. Modify the chin outline

6. Fill the nose

7. Improve the profile of body part


– Instrument for digital display, instrument temperature and time can be set separately

– The instrument is equipped with two independent warehouses: heating warehouse and cooling warehouse. Each warehouse can store syringes ranging from 1 to 5 ml at the same time, so that the sample can be processed quickly and efficiently.

– A more complete cooling system is used to eliminate the complexity of cooling the heated protoplasm gel.

– Safe use, reliable performance, automatic timing and alarm prompt


Advantages of fill by PPP autologous collagen

1. Ideal effect: the autologous collagen can promote the cells growths, keep the skin elasticity.

2. Long time maintaining: Inject once time maintains 4-7 months.

3. Safety: its extract from body, its very safe. And

4. Low cost: Extract from own body and save much cost.