I-FA214AI 220g 0.1mg Digital Analytical Balance



Model FA214AI FA314AI FA414AI FA514AI FA614AI FA1104AI
Capacity(g) 220g 310g 410g 510g 610g 1100g
Resolution(g) 0.1mg
Min weighing(g) 0.4mg
Stable Time ≤4s
Range drift (+10… +30°C): +/– 2ppm/°C
Display LCD(white back light with black font)
Pan size Φ80mm
Operation temp 5-35℃
Repeat ability 0.1mg if weight ≤ 220g           0.3 mg from 220g to 310g          0.35mg from 310g to 610g
Liner ± 0.5mg
Draft shield size 162mm×171mm×225mm
Cal.weight Internal Calibration
Power supply 110-230 Vac, 50/60 Hz: output 24 V / 500 mA / 13 VA
Interface RS232C(Standard)/RS485/Printer(Optional)
Dimension 345×215×345mm
Net. weight 7 kg

Optional accessories(if need, pls inquire us):

ION-A15 Static Eliminator

Balance plate system. USB version (BL0329) or Bluetooth version (BL0330)

DPP-250-BT Bluetooth printer for system (AC013)

TLP-50 serial printer with date/time (C054)

DPP-250 serial printer (AC007)

STAT serial printer with statistical function (AC022)

Alphanumeric external keyboard (AC005)

Serial to USB converter (E1002)

Serial cable for serial output to printer or computer (E743)

Factory calibration certificate (BL0333)