Burette Clamp


1. Holding clamp and iron clamp should be used together. The two ends of the clamp are rotary handles, one end of which is fixed on the column and the other end is used to fix the iron clamp. The concave surface of one end of the fixed clamp should face up to facilitate support and fixation of the clamp.

2. When fixing the test tube and flask with an iron clamp, loosen the screw of the clamp first. After setting the instrument, press the clamp tightly with the left hand and turn the screw with the right hand until the instrument can not be turned. Do not use too much force when turning the screw to prevent it from breaking the instrument.

3. When fixing the container with small outer diameter with iron clip, rubber hose or cloth can be wrapped on both sides of the iron clip to reduce the caliber of the iron clip.

4. Focus on your center of gravity. The weight of the iron frame itself is an important factor to ensure the stability of the instrument during the experiment. But when holding the instrument, it should be as far as possible to make the instrument clamped on the top of the iron platform, so that the center of gravity falls in the middle of the table, do not collapse, do not tilt. Especially in the high fixed heavier instrument (containing more reactant) should pay more attention. When fixing the instrument on the iron platform, the parts must be on the same side with the base of the iron platform, so as not to overturn the base because the center of gravity of the whole device exceeds the base.

5, rust prevention. All parts of the iron platform are iron materials, in order to avoid rust should be coated with antirust layer, generally with silver powder or dark corrosion resistance paint. When using, attention should be paid to protecting the antirust layer, so that it is not damaged. Especially do not let acid, lye drip sprinkle on the iron platform. After use, that should be jumped off in a dry place.

6. Gap up. Many iron clamps and iron rings are fixed on the post with double notched screws. On the. The two gaps are perpendicular to each other, one is set on the column, one is inserted into the iron clip bar or iron ring bar, the gap of the iron clip bar or iron ring bar must be upward, so as not to fall in the process of loading and unloading or use because of the screw loosening.

Burette CLAMP
Burette CLAMP