Auxiliary Heating Incubator


Electric Water Bath
Model DK-S22 DK-S24 DK-S26 DK-S28
Mains voltage  AC 220V.50Hz
Temperature control range RT+5~100 ℃
Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃
Consumption Power 500W 800W 1500W 2000W
Dimensions of the working chamber 240*140*110mm 300*240*110mm 500*300*110mm 550*350*110mm
Remark Two-place Two-rowFour-place Two-rowSix-place Two-row Eight-place


Auxiliary Heating Incubator:


1. Use stainless steel liner and top cover.

2. Equipped with internal circulation water pump and external circulation interface, customers can change the constant temperature source of the external output of the circulation interface.

3. Microcomputer intelligent temperature controller with double numbers for setting and measuring temperature. Display and PID self-tuning function, accurate and reliable temperature control.

4. Modular refrigeration device, equipped with delayed start, multiple protections for high and low pressure.