Absorption Trap

Absorption Trap

Boro-silicate glass.


An apparatus consisting of a bulb trap on top of which is fitted a cylinder comprising of a porosity 1 sintered disc, a drip tube and ground cones and sockets on each component.

Alternate socket and cone sizes.


The assembled trap is fitted onto a Kjeldahl flask and the bulb is half filled with a 10% sodium hydroxide solution. Fumes that are evolved force the solution into the cylinder until the level drops below the drip tube in the bulb. Fumes then pass up through the sintered disc which assists absorption  by fine division of the bubbles.

Capacity ml: 250

Joints          : B24                      


General usage:

Absorption of noxious acid fumes and gasses without mechanical
fume extraction. It is usually used in conjunction with Kjeldahl
digestions and Friedel-Craft reactions