Wireless bluetooth measure the pH, mV and temperature  portable ph meter


1. High-performance wireless Bluetooth pH meter, suitable for measuring the pH, mV and temperature of samples.

2. 1 to 5 point calibration, automatic identification of pH standard buffer.

3. Optional pH buffer standard (USA / NIST / DIN) or use custom calibration solution.

4. Solution temperature coefficient, compensate pure water measurement and convert the measured value to 25 ° C.

5. Automatic temperature compensation to ensure accurate measurement over the full range.

6. Automatic endpoint lock, keep stable readings for easy browsing and recording.

7. Interval reading mode, sending measurement data to memory or printer at regular intervals.

8. Limit alarm function automatically warns whether the measured value is out of range.

9. Calibration due reminder reminds the user to calibrate the meter regularly.

10. Automatic electrode diagnosis, with electrode slope and offset display.

11. Password protection function to prevent unauthorized calibration and setting.

12. Multi-parameter measurement, you can connect Bluetooth conductivity and dissolved oxygen meter to the device and display the measured value on the same screen.

13. One-click reset, automatically restore the meter to factory default settings.


Wireless bluetooth measure the pH, mV and temperature  portable ph meter

Technical parameters
  Model S10
  Measuring range -2.000 ~ 20.000pH
  measurement accuracy ± 0.002pH
    display resolution 0.001, 0.01, 0.1pH, optional
Calibration point 1 ~ 5 o’clock
pH buffering options USA, NIST, DIN, custom